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Chapter I - New Life For Hope

There was blackness. Blackness everywhere. Yet somehow there was a consciousness, it had a name, and its name was Saudorn Zalear. No, my name is Saudorn Zalear! And I remembered everything, from the destruction of Earth to the dark and morbid promise that Zulathulhu - my former favorite fictional character, ever - had given me. Yes, I remembered everything, especially those last words...

And when all is said and done, I will allow you to die, just like you have let me so.

My Goodness, those words... Those words sent a sense of dread and finality throughout my entire existence. They made me feel so numb. Just as I did at that moment.

Wait a minute. I wonder. I feel numb? I actually feel numb? But where is my bo-

And there it was, fl-floating? Floating vertically next to me. I looked peaceful with eyes closed. But didn't that mean I was dead at the moment and I'm-

Yes, my friend, you are in the spirit form now. But that doesn't mean you are dead. A voice sounded seemingly in front of me, yet I could hear it from all directions.

Who- What- Where? I inquired the voice out of surprise.

My name is Esillith, and as to what I am, it doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that you are here.

Here? Where is here?

The World of Benders, of course! One of your favorite realities.

The World of Benders? As in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

Yes, and no. This is truly the world that Avatar Aang resides. Or used to reside. In fact, you are in another era right now, where I am sure you are fami-

You mean the Legend of Korra? I'm actually in the Legend of Korra universe?

I think you should call it the 'World of Benders' to make it easier for yourself.

Upon hearing this, I was flabbergasted. How in hell was I in here in the Legend of Korra universe? And is this even real? It was just a TV show, for Goodness's sake!

As if the Voice was able to read my thoughts, the answers to my questions came immediately.

Let's just say that I helped you arrive here a little bit, and this is very real, my friend. I will explain everything to you later; but first thing first, I want you to know that Zulathulhu is very furious right now, and is searching for you. He just doesn't know where you disappeared to, so I think there is plenty of time for you to get to know this world, become its hero and guardian and protect it from Zulathulhu and his hellspawns.

The Voice continued to speak to cut off my next barrage of questions.

Now I will grant you a gift which is your mean of survival in this world 'til you meet the Avatar and ally with her and her friends to prevent this reality from being destroyed by your now archenemy. This gift is called 'John Landers'. Sounds familiar?

Wait, what? You're going to give me John Landers as a companion? I exclaimed, excited. John Landers was the main protagonist in my second book, who stood up against Zulathulhu and his abominations and whose intellect resembled the character Magneto from Marvel Comics.

Actually, no, I am going to give his powers to you, Saudorn.

What??? No, you can't do that! But what about him??

When I give you his powers, technically, you're him, just with a different name and personality. Do you remember how you were after the car accident?

I was stunned to see that Esillith, the Voice or whatever he was, knew about my struggle after that terrible day. The dark thoughts, the urge to commit suicide, the self-hate, everything about that lowest point of my life. Warily, I asked him.

Who are you? Who- No, what are you, really?

The Voice chuckled. Like I said, dear Saudorn, it doesn't matter. But you rest assured that I am on your side, just as you are going to be on Korra's. Now, close your eyes, relax and think of the moments you gained composure the most about you. You ask why and I'll tell you: It is important for you to keep those memories with you always in order to control your newfound powers. If you fail, then your powers will be useless. Now do it.

Bewildered, yet sensing that Esillith was honest ( to some extent ), I did what he asked of me. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and think about the times when I concentrated on completing my works. Yes, those were the moments that I gained composure the most about myself; those were the moments I felt audacity, the firmness of my purpose, faith in myself and creativity. Yes, that was right, those moments. Those moments... Thos-

Suddenly, I felt different as previously, I'd felt too light and too purposeless. Now I felt firm in my heart and faithful to my own existence. I felt powerful. I felt invincible! I felt-

Ugh. No! The pressure! The weight! I couldn't breathe! I couldn't- Esillith, help! Esillith! Where are you? I can't-

There was that light again, and for a moment, I heard someone call me. No, I heard my body call me. It was time for me... to be one with it. To be Saudorn Zalear completely once more.

It was time...

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I do not own the Legend of Korra. Credits go to the owners and creators of that amazing show. Please review and comment if you want.


My name is Saudorn Zalear, used to be a failed writer and was a past-time guitarist. Over the course of my short-lived writing career, I have published five short stories, countless of poems and two novels, which received from average to poor reviews ( except for my second novel ) which didn't help my income much. But thank to a generous government's ( namely Canada ) disability benefit program ( one year ago, I had a car accident which took away my ability to walk around as I'd usually done ), I didn't have to worry about my income anymore.

Anyway, I'm not gonna bother you with all the small details from my life prior to that day, the day I finally got the attention I'd longed for, as a writer. Yes, notwithstanding my previous failures ( after a period of depression, that is ), I wrote another novel to prove myself to my country and to the world that I could be compared to the great and legendary writers I adored; and by all that is good, I did it! My second book, titled 'Invasion of A Malevolent Entity', managed to become a best-seller and won the Trillium Book Award ( an annual book prize sponsored by the Government of Ontario ), helping me break through the thick web of harsh criticisms and derision and putting me on the 'Dais of The Great' ( my own pantheon of great writers ).

Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong six weeks after that. Six weeks after I became the Stephen King of Canada, something happened; something incredible, something impossible... Something... terrible. Somehow, someway, one of my fictional characters - a villain - became real; his name was Zulathulhu, and he was mad. He was mad at me because I hadn't kept my own promise of letting him stay alive at the end of the novel. He was mad and he wanted revenge. So, he destroyed my home, my city, my country and the world while making me witness it all.

No, what have I done?? I asked myself in shock and horror as I saw Zulathulhu's creations spread all over the Earth like a horrid, otherworldly pandemic they were.

And to make me even more desperate, he whispered in my ear with these words:

"This is not the end, O Arrogant Creator. I shall shatter your mean of existence by forcing you to watch your favorite realities of entertainment ravaged and devoured by my legions of wrathful madness. I shall make you cry out with anguish and hopelessness to the point of oblivion of the mind. Then, I shall transform you into one of my spawns and let you attest the might of my ever-expanding empire of chaos and darkness into many more realities that everything has to offer. And when all is said and done, I shall allow you to die, without hope, just as you have let me so"

With a great outcry of hate, I came at him in my wheelchair to punch him, to scratch him, to bite him, whatever it  took to make him furious enough to kill me with one swift strike; thus, denied his satisfaction of seeing me suffer. However, before I could even touch him, there was a blinding light in front of me. Then blinding light everywhere! So bright, so hot. And I heard my villain-creation and his spawns howl and shriek aloud with rage, fear and pain. I, too, screamed at the excruciating heat.

And then there were none, other than the blackness of either death, or unconsciousness...
A Master of Puppets Mastering His Fate
Saudorn Zalear is a writer, living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in an alternate world. After the failures of writing in the past, he writes another book to prove people that he's not a bad writer, and it meets the success it deserves; however, something wrong happens, "something incredible, something impossible... Something... terrible". His fate beckons (OCxKorra)


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